Marty and Scout (another of Fluffy’s cat crew) stayed together near their home. Otto and Barty watched from some bushes. Spooky and Panther stayed together and took watch from a stand of trees on a nearby hilltop. Topcat showed Toronto how to use the shrink ray on the ship. Then they hid them both in a nearby pond.


Right around midnight they saw a large saucer shaped craft appear in the sky, bright colored lights shown around the rim as it came closer and closer. White lights shot out of it and they saw that forms were levitating down the beams. “Run” Topcat ordered Toronto, "don’t argue just get to the ship and enlarge it Toronto. Hurry get it enlarged and get aboard and man the laser and shoot this down.” Following directions Toronto took off running. A weird alien creature stepped out of a beam of light and leveled a huge weapon at him. However before the alien could fire a shot a huge shimmering cat spirit materialized and screeched at the alien in such a fierce way it collapsed in a faint. “It is I, Kitbag," said the spirit, “now I must depart this mortal realm and move on.” With that Kitbag disappeared in a blinding white light much brighter than the pale levitation beams of the aliens. Toronto walked over to the supine alien and noticed that the shrinking ray was next to it as was the puddle of water with the shrunken brigantine. Toronto used the reverse button on the shrinking ray to enlarge the ship to normal size. He then shrunk the alien and took it aboard ship. He imprisoned the alien in an empty saltshaker he found in the galley.

The beam lifted Topcat quickly high into the air and into the flying saucer. There was no one to fight with and nothing he could do to stop it. Once in the space ship Topcat was hurled down a conveyer belt where his weapons and equipment were stripped from him. He was then dumped into a cage, as were all the other captives. Topcat said, “it wasn’t a thorough search, did they miss anything we can use?”

Meanwhile back on the ground Toronto was joined by two survivors. Scout and Marty had survived the onslaught from the flying saucer. “It seems to be gone now,” Scout said. “The others didn’t have a chance,” Marty added. “ The beams just came down and lifted them up. We were near the house, perhaps they didn’t want to use the beams near it and be seen by humans. Still one of those ugly aliens came after me. I saw it clearly it was one of those they call the Nomed. I read about them on the Catavenger Website. I took a swipe at it with my claymore sword and it ran off.”


“You did more than just swing at it,” Toronto said pointing at the green blood on the sword. Just as the trio were thinking of what to do next, the radio on the ships bridge crackled on; “Catavenger. Catavenger,” they heard called from it.
“It’s Topcat!” Toronto cried picking up the receiver. “Go ahead Topcat, this is Toronto on the Catavenger.”
“The saucer is still above you. Cloaked I think. I can see the ground out the port.” Topcat said.” After those few words all they could here was a very broken up transmission.
“ …Radio…fur…crackle… fly it… crackle… lasers.” Then the transmission went dead. “I wonder what that meant?” Scout asked.

On the flying space saucer Captain Topcat looked at the radio that had been missed during the search. It had been concealed in Panthers fur and overlooked. Topcat had been looking out the port while Otto and Barty kept watching the grill of the cage. Despite their careful watch the evil Nomed aliens (Topcat recognized them from a previous adventure,) jammed the radio’s signal. They then used a tractor beam to remove it. The aliens then opened the door and took out Otto. Bart lunged at the alien to try and stop it. The alien shot him with a gun that tangled him in spider-like webs. Poor Otto was dragged off, only to be returned unconscious missing half his lovely tail. Topcat was filled with impotent fury.


On the ship the survivors were thinking of something they could do to help. Marty remembered reading that once the valiant cat crew had captured a flying tank from the Nomed. Scout suggested that if they could somehow quickly find it perhaps they could find a way to fly up to the saucer and rescue their friends.
“Lets check the bridge,” Marty said, “and quit shaking the saltshaker holding the miniaturized Nomed alien.”
“Wow this is something.” Scout said, looking at the ultra modern, even futuristic bridge on the ship. “They certainly updated it since I was on the ship.” Marty commented, referring to a previous adventure he had gone on with the Catavenger.
Toronto explained that he had been shown some of the ships operation on the voyage from Mexico to Scotland.
The bridge of the ship was completely enclosed with oblong bubble of some super strong high impact material. Although it looked like glass it was stronger than steel. A large wooden wheel wired in with gold and silver wire looked out of place.
“It’s needed,” Toronto said, “nobody knows why but the ‘enchantment,’ or technology, (Whatever one calls it,) only works with wood.”
“It also needs water,” Scout replied. “I have read the stories, for some reason anything wired to it with silver or gold also interacts with the so called ‘magic.’"
While they had been talking Toronto had been looking at the controls. He flipped a switch and a large computer screen lit up.
“Ach, looks like a regular computer screen,” Marty said.
“It should be Scout commented, “I bet the cat’s friend Gil Bates built it for them!” Sure enough the system booted up and everything came on the screen in plain English.

“This is the Catavenger before using keyboard please enter your password then enter commands using keyboard or use audible commands.”

Toronto had to smirk when his two companions were startled at the sound of the voice. “We need to know what happened to the flying tank?” Scout asked the computer system. “Yes what happened to it?” Marty echoed.

“Access denied, neither of you are in my voice recognition database.”

“Ok enough fooling around!” Toronto exclaimed. “Captain Topcat put me in the system, on our voyage from Mexico. Approve Scout and Marty and recognize their voices per my approval.”

Very well Ensign Toronto, engineer Scott integrated components of the flying tank’s weapon systems and anti-gravity flight systems into the Catavenger August 15, 2003. The Catavenger now is able to fly.

Although Ensign Toronto had been shown many things about how the ship operated this was one thing he was unaware of. The three felines looked at each other in awe.

Flying ship