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“If only we knew where the saucer was perhaps we could fly up and get it,” Marty said.
“I know a way,” Scout said looking at the saltshaker containing the miniaturized alien.

Scout walks the ship's rail

The alien was no match for three angry cats and told them that the saucer would fly over Wales to get rid of all the sheep it had picked up. The alien saucer was picking up sheep in Scotland and regularly dumping them in Wales as a way to incriminate Nessie. This they (correctly,) thought would lure the Catavenger to the scene.

Ensign Toronto and the Scots cats found out that the alien’s communicator would lock onto the saucer and they tracked the space ship. “Ok, here we go lets see how this thing flies.” The Catavenger flew up into the sky following the saucer as it flew down toward Wales.
“We need to get into that ship and get our pals out.” Scout said.
“Ach, yes and for that we need some help.” Marty replied. The two Scots cats looked at each other knowingly they had some friends in Wales who would help. They quickly recruited Tiggy, Thomasina, Felix, Mitzi and Domonic. The ship flew back up to the sky high over the landscape of Wales.

Mitzi & Felix

“We wondered where all these sheep came from,” Domonic said. “And speaking of sheep look at that!” Mitzi exclaimed pointing at a group of sheep being beamed to the ground.
The flying saucer had uncloaked itself to beam down the sheep. “How about using the shrinking ray to get it.” Felix asked.
“Good idea,” Toronto said taking careful aim at the saucer with the shrink ray gun.

That will not work the handheld unit does not have the power needed to shrink something of that mass.

“Now you tell me!” Toronto yelled. He had already fired the weapon and the saucer had responded by firing back.

Engaging shields.

A fine mist of water coming from hidden tubing shot out around the Catavenger. When the saucer’s rays hit it they were stopped. “Water, always water, I should have guessed.” Toronto said. “Catavenger do we have anything capable of stopping that saucer without harming it?”

The shrink rays built into my weapons systems are quite capable of miniaturizing it.

“Shrink it to one foot in diameter.” Toronto ordered.

Once shrunken the saucer was then grappled and dragged onto the ship It was quickly dropped into an open cask of water on the ship’s deck. The water seemed to neutralize the rays shooting out from the spacecraft. It was then clamped firmly on four sides to the barrel. Just the upper part of the saucer was above the water in the cask.

After the flying space saucer had been clamped in, Toronto said, "they won't dare try to get away it would rip the ship to shreds."
"I know how we can get in, all we need to do is pop open the hatch with this;" Marty said, showing them a screwdriver.
"But how do we get our friends out?"Thomasina asked.


"Easy," Toronto said, "pop the hatch; I will show you."
Once the hatch had been popped open Toronto shouted inside. "Let our friends out or we will rip the top off your space ship and use it for a milk saucer!"
"You wouldn’t dare, we have your friends hostage. We will kill them if you try anything."
"We have your shipmate as our hostage and your saucer trapped." Toronto shouted back."
Inside the ship the Nomed aliens were in a quandary, uncertain of what to do. They opened the cage containing the caged cats. They thought perhaps they could leave in the saucer's escape pods. With the cats as hostage perhaps they could get away and bargain to be restored to proper size. Opening the cage proved to be a mistake. Topcat pounced on the first alien and bit him. Spooky scratched the next causing him to drop his ray gun. Panther grabbed the weapon and shot the aliens. Fortunately for the Nomed the pistol was set on stun.

"Shrink me," Toronto said. "I am going in."
"Me to!" came a chorus of cat cries.
"You are the most techy and familiar with the ship," Toronto said to Marty. "You work the shrink ray while the rest of us go in."
Although Marty wanted to join in the action he agreed to stay behind and work the equipment. The cats quickly armed themselves with cutlasses and rushed through the hatch.
Inside the saucer Toronto's group battled the evil aliens and met Topcat's group. "Well done." Topcat congratulated them.