Once in Scotland the brigantine Catavenger sailed into Loch Ness. The mew crew met with their old friend Marty the spokes cat of the Catpanions of Fluffy. He had Scout with him.
“I believe you may have heard of Otto, the Fey that is; and this is Toronto. Snowball has retired from the sailing life.”
“Nice to see you Topcat and Panther. I thought you were dead? I know you were Spooky. It boggles me that I am seeing you here,” Scout said,
“Hmm" Panther snorted "so returning from the dead must not be real like your Loch Ness Monster, Nessie?”
“Returning from the dead is real.” Topcat said.
“We have heard your dear friend Kitbag has passed on but take it from me you will see her again in paradise.” Topcat said .Before they could continue talking Nessie arrived.

Nessie was puffed up purple with outrage at the slanderous lies told about her. They all exchanged greetings then Nessie said to Captain Topcat, Panther and Spooky: “Hey I thought you were dead!”
“I am tired of hearing that,” Panther groused.
Topcat said, “Well I never let little technicalities stop me.”
“Ok, it has been rumored that you have been eating the local sheep since many sheep have disappeared. I know that isn’t true because Fluffy and many other locals put out cat food and table scraps for you.

“I mostly eat plankton in the ocean. Some hotheads even want to throw depth charges in the Loch.” Nessie said.
“That’s terrible,” Spooky spoke, “that would orphan your children and widow Mr. Monster.”
“The humans are the real monsters", Otto said. “Once there were thousands of Nessie’s kind but because of man only a few remain. She seems to be the only one who leaves the ocean and approaches humans. Nessie is one of an old breed known by many names and often maligned; but her kind never forsook their creator as mankind did. ‘PSALM 148:7 Praise the LORD from the earth, ye dragons, and all deeps:’ she is a type kin to those known as Leviathans.”
The level of knowledge Otto had about her species impressed Nessie. “Do you blame us for not wanting to come out of hiding?
If it wasn’t for our ability to change colors as camouflage I am sure we would all be extinct by now. Still the people near here have never bothered me before, some are even friends.”
The cats and Nessie made plans, then the monster swam off.
Topcat thought that whatever happened to the sheep probably happened at night. He decided that they should hide the ship and split up to take watches.