The Quest Part Four

We loaded the ship down with loot and sailed away . We had'nt gotten very far before we were confronted. The serpents from the Gorgon's head had become sea serpents and were after us. The loot laden ship could not run or fight. After coming all this way and all there turmoils we had been through it looked like we faced certain doom as the serpents confronted us. Once more however clouds flew over and hail the size of golf balls pelted the sea serpents in their snakey heads scattering them.

"Wait a minute... these are golf balls; cheap range balls." I said examining one that had bounced off a serpents head onto the ship. Baffa had said we would have help and I believe this time it was my father's spirit helping. For he had loved to golf and I know he would not have wasted good golf balls on silly sea serpents!

Once in Italy we sailed onto lake Bolsena, ( how the ship can sail from the ocean onto an inland sea is our secret.) Topcat gave Asia all the loot she wanted or could carry. The former jewel thief Panther advised her to take precious gems as they were lighter and more valuable than silver and gold The rest of the loot was given to all the cats in Italy. Topcat kept only one large emerald for himself to replace his missing eye. He could afford to be generous he had a whole Gorgon castle still filled with loot being guarded by the three headed dog Cerebus. Many of the Italian cats bought huge estates on the isle of Sardinia with their loot. Why Sardinia? Well they liked the name! Since the crew had done so much for the cats of Italy, Panther was pardoned for her thefts. The la bella Principessa Lisa, Asia and the crew of the CatAvenger feasted on pasta while Baffa looked down from heaven. "Hey," I said chipping a tooth, "this isn't a meatball its a golfball!"

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