Apache getting Cheyennes attention

Hey Cheyenne, " Apache the Calico said reaching down to get the cat's attention, "Check out this cat, he is just the kind we have been looking for to help us find that treasure." The daring duo had discovered a treasure map showing the location of a sunken Galleon.

Topcat on TV

"Yes," Cheyenne said looking at Captain Topcat on TV, " He doe's look like he could be the one we need. So the two cats from the wild west traveled to see Topcat and Panther. They had a proposal for the cat crew of the brigantine Catavenger

The Captain hard at work.

They found Captain Topcat hard at work. Apache said, "You have friends in low places, the sea that is, perhaps they could help you.' Panther muttered; "hmmp those Atlanteans are worthless; as for that fish we are already in his debt." Topcat just slyly winked his one green eye and said; "of course we can help you as a matter of fact the ship has just been reprovisioned and and is ready to sail at anytime."
"But," said Cheyenne,"don't you need diving gear and other special equipment?" " No we have everything we need aboard ship." Only Panther noticed his quick nod toward the cannons on the deck. Comprehending now she had to stifle a laugh. So the ship set sail, along with Apache, Cheyenne and the documents they carried. Apache explained, "two ships the Estupido Grande and the Jose Madre sailed together from the Spanish main towards Europe, as the seas became choppy they became separated and lost sight of one another later as the choppy seas became a full fledged storm the Jose Madre caught a glimpses of the Estupido miles away sinking." " We are almost to the spot it was last seen," said Cheyenne are you going to get your diving equipment out now?" "No," the Captain replied, "we are not quite there just yet it's still the year 2001 the ship sank November 17, 1637." With that the ship plunged back into the depths of time.

The dynamic duo

Dead ahead of them was the treasure Galleon Estupido Grande floundering along, heavily laden with treasure. Threatening dark storm clouds were on the horizon.
Seeing the looks of astonishment on the furry faces of Apache and Cheyenne Topcat laughed, "Well kits you got a pirate not a deep-sea diver. Heck I am a cat and really hate getting wet, seacat though I am."
"Gunner! " Topcat yelled to Paul the rat. "Ready the culverin with the grape shot. Unless Panther thought they were real grapes and ate them all!"
"Very funny Topcat." Panther pouted.
"Ever fire a cannon?" Topcat asked Apache and Cheyenne, "don't worry I am only going to take down the rigging nobody will even be hurt." Panther was steering the wheel while the crew was working the sheets of sail. The brigantine smoothly sailed up alongside the galleon before the crew in it even had time to react.

At Topcat's signal Cheyenne fired the cannon.


It sounded taking down the rigging.
The treasure ship floundered even more. "Ahoy ship stand ho and prepare to be boarded!" the captain yelled in flawless Catstillian Spanish. When some of the Estupido Grande's crew went for their weapons the CatAvenger fired several loads of tear gas at their ship.
Crying the treasure crew surrendered to the cats' crew.
The freshening wind quickly cleared the decks and the pirates boarded. When the blustering captain of the galleon went for a gun Apache bit him in the foot. Screaming now as well as crying he dropped the weapon.
Topcat had previously ordered the Catavenger's bilges pumped . It was riding quite high in the water and starting to rock and roll as the wind picked up.
The galleons crew was ordered to empty the treasure from its holds onto its deck. Moxie the fox and Panther assessed the treasure examining the precious stones first. "Quickly now - jewels first load the brigantine." The fox ordered the treasure was quickly loaded by the captured crew. "Enough," shouted the Catavenger's captain leave the silver. All aboard the brigantine.
The crew of the Estupido Grande was locked in the Catavenger's hold. The pirate crew quickly sailed off, and not a moment to soon. Because the dark storm clouds were starting to blow over the galleon now, and it was beginning to rain. When they were miles away Panther looked back through the spyglass and could see the Estupido Grande sinking as the stormed buffeted it. She was also able to just get a glimpse of the other treasure ship, the Jose Madre toward the edge of the stormy sea.
When they were safely out of harm's way Topcat called a ships meeting. The crew sat upon the treasure stacked on deck. "I know many of you have been grumbling that if we did not have prisoners taking up room in the hold we would have had room for the silver. You must know that if we had left them they would surely have drowned. Even though they were our adversaries they are fellow sailors. I have nothing against them myself. I only wanted to steal their treasure." With that attitude in mind the pirates treated the prisoners well until they were given provisions and set on a small island. "You should be fine here. I see the isle has fresh water as well as pineapple, date and coconut trees." Panther told the released prisoners while munching on some of that fruit. Topcat shook the the Estupido Grande's captain's hand and congratulated him for being a worthy opponent. "Just no match for the Catavenger!"

Ice cream anyone?


One can only speculate why the crew of the Estupido Grande were never found. I personally think that they liked their island and did not wish to be.
After the the ship had sailed back to the present. The treasure was was shared out . Apache and Cheyenne happily went home ladden with loot.
"Come pay us a visit us in our desert home anytime you get tired of the sea." They said as they departed.
"DESSERT home! " Panther exclaimed winking a blue eye at the cat crew. "Sounds good count me in!"
I would like to thank my good cat friend Got2gr8cats for "volunteering" Apache and Cheyenne

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