A couple of good friends of Topcat and company, Argyle the cat and Molly the dog decided to try their fortunes on the high seas so sailed as crew members of the Catavenger. They had decided to sail back to the sixteenth century the golden age of piracy.

The ship had not sailed very far when Minty the monkey up in the crows nest called out that he had seen a submarine.
Argyle cat yelled that he had just caught a glimpse of a periscope before it went under the waves.
"A submarine in the sixteenth century . . ." The incredulous Panther muttered.

Molly also had spotted something and dived into the water after it. She swam back to the ship carrying a small red bear.
After the poor bear was dried and fed a bowl of soup Captain Topcat interviewed him. "Thank you for saving me." The bear said to Molly.
The bear told them the year was 1964 then explained that he had been the mascot of of the Russian submarine name Red December. That is until he had befriended the spy the Russians had captured and imprisoned., then they treated him mean and eventually threw him overboard. "Can I be your mascot too? Then we can rescue my friend the spy.
Topcat said. "We don't need a mascot but you are welcome to join the crew and sorry we can't rescue anyone we need to sail back in time to get loot like we promised Argyle and Molly. the poor little red bear fussed and wheedled, "But we have to stop that sub it's full of gold that is going to be used to foment a revolution in Tasmania. They will secede from Australia to become a communist country."
While Argyle and Molly debated with Panther about the likelihood of this happening - after all they had come from 2002 and nothing like this had happened. "Sounds far fetched to me. Not real like talking pirate cats! " Panther grumbled.
While they debated Topcat's one big green eye glowed. ''Yes we will certainly help you." He said to the red bear with determination in his voice that brooked no argument. Was he being altruistic? Or had he just heard that magic word- "GOLD!?"

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