A Fox Tale IV : The crew gets a little help from our friends

Meanwhile Topcat's team with the excellent help of Fred the Ferret dug down . Starting a tunnel to dig down and rescue the crew. Jack Bunny and Eddie Rabbit were excellent tunnellers as was the Turtle Speedo. Much to their surprise. As the dug in they met the Catavenger crew digging out lead by Paul the pirate rat, "lets go he said its almost midnight they will be coming to execute us soon" They rushed out of the tunnel in the darkness and confusion Topcat did not notice that the crew were burdened by heavy satchels.

They ran off and were soon being followed then chased. The gendarmes had found their trail and were after them.

They ran to the top of a high hill and were soon surrounded on all side with no place to go. Topcat had noticed the crew carrying heavy bundles "Thats why we have have been so slow," he hissed a them, "you insisted on taking those." Still the crew stubbornly clung to the bundles even as the gendarmes closed in on them.

The forces of law and order ( so called ) were also after Panther following her in fast boats. Emily, Tabby, Pugsley Molly and Dolly were firing the golf ball bazookas Panther had brought from Cat Cay but the patrol boats kept coming.

Panther sailed to the rendezvous point stopping only long enough for Jujube the bird to fly over with a thin golden line to Frosty in the catamaran. Still the patrol boats came on catching up to the to two ships.

As the valiant critters on the hill top were being set upon Topcat pulled out a strangely shaped pistol and fire one shot. It was a flare pistol the signal to to the zeppelin " Spirit of Spooky." The airship dropped down numerous lines and all of the animals scrambled up them to safety. The crew still lugging he heavy bundles. Once aboard Topcat hugged the fabulous Bandita and collapsed into an exausted catnap.

The Catavenger now was taking fire over the bows from the following patrol boats. Soon however a glowing mist began to form around it and it started to shimmer and crackle. This force quickly followed the golden line and the following catamaran was also engulfed by the magic of the Catavenger.

The two ships sailed back into to time and space to where it had been before returning to a time exactly seven minutes after it had been taken. As promised Panther had even stopped and gotten gas ( unfortunately she used my credit card!) No worst for wear the ship had been returned. The only thing missing a small amount of cheese from the galley ( wonder who ate that? ) Panther left an I.O.U. to cover that small expense.

Back at the oil platform base Topcat met first with his crew " While I am happy to have you back; I am very disappointment in you! First you got captured then you slowed us down in our escape by carrying those foolish bundles This operation cost me most of my loot after I reward those who have helped us we will now have nothing left! "

The crew just grinned as they opened the bundles which contained cold hard cash. It seems that when the had tunneled out of the jail they had also tunneled into the vault of an adjoining bank!


I would like to thank the following from Cityslide and from cat chat for their help:

StPatrick & her cat Frosty

Factsoflife freak:Emily, Tabby, Pugsley ( cartoons ) Molly and Dolly ( genuine kitty cats.)

Alliekat: Yoshi and Spencer (wrestling cats)

Westerncanon/Paula Jean : Jack Bunny and Eddie Rabbit bird JUJUBE turtle Speedo and ( in spirit)Fat Kat and Miss Pilly.

La Bella Princispessa Lisa ( Baffa's mom) Bandita, and ( in spirit ) Favola and Baffa

Panther gets the last word!!

All is well that ends well I suppose. Pixie the vixen joined our crew as our new quarter master, thus Tiberious could go back to being a cook. This is good as Shel alway breaks the eggs. Oh speaking of eggs when Bandita was prowling around she stole some Faberge eggs. I ate one and it tasted awful. Once again thanks to every one who helped especially those pets who are no longer in this world.

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