Rambo and Taboo

Meanwhile Topcat stayed at the base to train recruits and plan out the rescue mission. He appointed Rambo and Taboo as his aides decamp to help in the Training of the scratch crew.

Yoshi and Spencer

Frosty and Panther took the ship to pick up Yoshi and Spencer a pair of excellent wrestlers. They also got help from Emily, Tabby, Pugsley Molly and Dolly, (thx to Factsoflife freak.)

The deadline of high noon approached, Panther returned from a quick trip to Shel's Cat Cay ( Yes they named it after me! ) where she brought in specialized equipment.
The Kato and Helga of Katmandia of Katmandia came in the Zepplin. They brought with them Bandita the most notorious cat in all of Italy her mere presence in * name of country deleted upon advice of legal counsel * would serve as a distraction to the law enforcement of that country.

Still as the deadline approached and no one else volunteered Topcat became dissapointed. Well he thought I do not have the most but I certainly have the best.
Just as they were ready to take off in the catamaran he heard a small voice from the water " I have come to help!." It was there old friend the Sardine a tear came to Topcat's one big green eye "I hate to admit it but I really do love that fish he muttered under his breath."
Panther however heard. " Yeah I bet I would love that fish too, breaded with a nice lemon sauce..."
Still she did nothing of the kind but safely installed the finny recruit in the water cooler of the ship. The Sardine waved a fin at Toffie who waved back with his yellow flag.
Soon they arrived laying just off shore until the dead of night. Meanwhile Bandita had flown in to the interior of the country by Zepplin . She committed a series of small acts of random mayhem and drew off the the police forces soon there was only a small force guarding the ship Catavenger and the jail holding the crew.The group came ashore at night in small rubber rafts. Frosty then followed her instructions to take the Catamaran to the rendezvous point.
Once ashore the team split up in to two components Topcat leading one Panther the other.
The Sardine swam over to the outside of the heavy sea - doors that sealed the dry dock from the ocean it quickly released a small but very potent packaged which clung magnetically to the doors. The Sardine then swam off on its own ever mysterious business.
Toffie around to the far side of the dry-dock well away from the sea-doors. He began frantically waving his little yellow flag. The guard who was nearest to the explosive charge - for that was what the fish had planted - came over to investigate. Spencer and Yoshi were waiting to wrestle him to the ground for his own safety for just then the explosive blew.


The catamaran:

As the sea water rushed in the magic ship came to life its enchantment activated by the H20.
Violet the dog quickly opened the door while Panther and her group rushed aboard. Before the remaining guards could stop them they were off sailing fast, The force of of the beloved pets that have passed on seemed to propel the Catavenger, pets such as Favola, Fat Kat, Miss Pilly , the dog Oochoochwogwogwog and of course my own dear Spooky. The ship its enchantment now fully engaged practically flew off into the big blue sea.