Topcat reviews the recruits!

Topcat knew of an abandoned oil rig platform in the North Sea there they made their provisional base. They begin to gather recruits from around the world. Rambo (who's daddy Rambopuss had buried the treasure) came he brought with him his cat mate Taboo . Then Fred the the ferret along with with Geek the cat arrived then Pj's little friend Toffie the mouse along with Alisha the cat. The Captain Topcat had an idea to acquire a hydrofoil similar to the old Topcat ferry which for many years had cruised the waters of New Zealand. "Hmmm" Panther pontificated "I think you just like that name!" Really a military vessel would have been better but of course much more difficult to acquire. After making inquiries on how much it cost to purchase one (eight million way to much) they decided to do it the old fashioned way. Steal it! Some of the more honest recruits (who shall remain nameless) had qualms about this. "Don't worry" Panther said, "We will just borrow it. We will bring it back with a full tank of gas even!"

Geek the cat & Fred the Ferret

Now the practical matter how to get one.
Toffie thought that perhaps they could just flag one down but in the end they just decided to sneak in and take one at night. But when they had got there they found the door to the control cabin locked fortunately Fred the ferret was able to weasel through the partially open window and let the rest in.


Alisha stayed along with Toffie to guard the oil platform they were using as a base. She also ordered pizza to flown in to feed the hungry new arrivals!

Toffie flags down his friends signaling them to land at the platform:

Back at the oil rig base they were quite happy to see more arrivals. Some friends of Toffie's and Alisha's had arrived.


Panther decided that it would be a good idea if Frosty ( St Pat's cat ) learned how to drive the catamaran.


Jubaie went along to help them provision the ship with lots of snacks, cat food, soda pop pretzels etc.