"Help, Help" Minty the Monkey was on watch when he heard a voice cry out from the ocean. Quickly he rang the alarm and the ship slowed. The crew swung into action. "There," called Mitten the kitten. "I see someone" Sure enough there was a small green figure bobbing in the ocean. The crew pulled him out, "Ug!" Panther exclaimed. "I think it's one of of those elves. I had hoped we would never see one of them again!" She was of course referring to a Christmas adventure we had a few years ago.
"Throw him back!" "Please don't throw me back I will reward you..." Said the little figure then passed out. "Oh Panther we can't throw him back, remember the bad elves were really goblins, elves aren't so bad." Said I shel the cat's servant. "Take him below and don't forget his hat, " said Captain Topcat, pointing a paw at the green object blowing about the deck.
"Don't worry Panther he is not a elf nor a goblin he is a leprechaun." So the the little one was dried off and when he woke up, Tiberius the ships cook fed him some hot soup. Later Topcat agreed to take him back home in return for the promised reward. So it was that the grateful leprechaun in freshly dried and ironed clothes little hat in place and a full belly was set ashore along with Captain Topcat and a few of us crew members.
We had only gone a short way when with a laugh the little guy jumped into a bush and vanished! We looked in the bushes but found no trace of him. I was surprised when I saw Topcat look at engineer Spott and grin. he pulled out a small electrical device and winked his one big green eye at Panther and myself. Panther laughed as she comprehended its use. As usual I was clueless. As we followed after them Spott took pity on me and explained its use. "Ach," he said, " its a tracking device. We bugged his hat." So it was that more of the crew landed and we soon tracked down the wee midgen.

The crew saw the green clad one in a clearing chortling before a big pot of gold.
Panther leapt upon the leprechaun only to come up empty. The little man laughed as he nimbly dodged to one side and ran off into the bushes leaving only his hat. Some of the crew gave chase but Topcat called them back. Let him go we have the pot of gold.
The pot was much to heavy to move so Topcat and Panther stayed and guarded it until the crew returned with equipment to move it back to the ship.
Soon they had it moved aboard and placed on deck. Panther shoved it he rest of the way in to the deck cabin and Captain Topcat locked the door behind the the three of us. He turned and glared with his one green eye suspiciously first at Panther then at the pot of gold.
"Hey I know you are strong but I don't see how you could have pushed that heavy thing in here!"
Panther looked into the pot and reached into the pot bringing up a lovely golden ovoid. She shoved this into her mouth. "Crunch, hey these are not gold coins they are potato chips and really good ones too!"
"Wait a minute", Topcat said."I checked they were gold." Panther and I said nothing we were busy stuffing our faces with delicious chips.
Topcat muttered about finding the Leprechaun and beating the gold out of him. Until he saw the hat with the bug in it. I had picked up as a souvenir. He knew there was no possible way he could find the little guy.

"Oh well," he laughed at least we got some chips and Tiberius gets a new cook pot!" Winking at me he continued speaking and you my dear Shel got a handsome hat." Biting into a chip he continued. "Might as well invite the crew in with some drinks and chip-dip." So it was that we had a party and ate all of those good potato chips. Soon the pot was empty.

But the next day we when awoke we found the pot full once again! It turned out that every day at dawn if the pot was empty it would magically be filled with potato chips. "Looks like we found a cornucopia." Said Topcat.
Panther laughed. "No its a POTATOcopia!"

This story is for you Pegs!

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