The Quest - part two

We approached the home of the la bella Principessa Lisa, Topcat entered. While I stayed outside with Spooky guarding and keeping watch for spys. At long last Topcat reapeared with the great dog Asia who was to be our guide. Once back aboard the ship CatAvenger we set sail in the hastily reprovisioned ship.

We had not gone to far however before I noticed we were dangerously low on food. I questioned Tiberius the tiger,the cook, about this.

"We had enough food for a three month voyage ", replied the tiger. I looked at Panther. She looked back and said, "so I got a little hungry ."

Spooky tried fishing to obtain some food but all she cought was one small sardine. "Please don't eat me," he pleaded. "I am a magic fish who will grant your wish with the key to the back door of Medusa's fortress." After promising not to eat the sardine, he spat out a key. An old sardine can key actually. Then he leaped over the side of the ship and swam off. "I think we have been had, "said Topcat. "And I am still hungry" Panther pouted. Just then storm clouds started to blow in. "Great, a storm thats all we need," Spooky spoke. But when it rained, it was'nt water it was pasta....Baffa was still with us. After feasting, (and locking the the leftovers in the freezer ) the good ship CatAvenger sailed on.

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