Topcat looked at the picture and laughed; " ha, ha, by the looks of it she got a few elves too!"

"It's not nice to make fun of Santa, " Spooky spoke, "he is a friend of mine."

Come on you don't expect us to believe in fairy tales ... some fat clown in a red suit do you ?" Topcat said cynically.

"Yeah its not real like talking cats and magic fish." Panther interjected. "Besides how can he do this in one night?"

"Actually he does'nt, he delivers them all year long and parents hide them in garages and closets until holiday time." Spooky replied.

While the cats were thus arguing, I, Shel, the cats servant was checking email on the crystal ball. "Heres something from Edmonton Canada," said I ; it's from Santa Claus.

"Lemme see" said Topcat "Edmonton indeed - he is supposed to live at the Northpole!"

"Gotta admit it's pretty close to the same place though," added Panther practically.

I read the email, it seemed Santa's sleigh had broken down and he needed our help.

Topcat, quickly set sail in the brigantine CatAvenger up the hidden route of the Northwest Passage until he reached Edmonton.

"Thank goodness you have come my sled broke down, the elves are striking and the reindeer are pretty tired, not only do I have to do, Hanukkah, and Christmas I also have to do Boxing day and Kwanzaa. Even if I get the sled fixed: I can't do it all, Can you please help me deliver these gifts? "The not so jolly fat man Santa said while using a horrible ( shudder) run on sentence.

"I don't know I am a pirate and more used to taking than giving, said Topcat.

"Please, at least make a trial run. I know you have feline friends in this area, maybe you could deliver gifts to them while I fix the sled. If it works out I will loan you Rudolph the red nose reindeer to navigate if you agree to help me." So the crew set out pulling a barge behind the ship and delivered toys, cat treats and doggy chew bones to their Canadian friends. They saw Tiny Tasha's cats and Mr Christa, his cats and mastiffs got treats. Next stop Roommate's cats. Just over the border gifts were delivered to Kitty Purrington's cats Saradan and Blondie. That is how Topcat agreed to become Santa's helper; with Rudolf Navigating and pulling a large barge the CatAvenger set off to deliver holiday cheer to pets around the world. Afterwords they went by Great Britain to see Pie, Blackcat's, Ebony and Hugo, Chuffy's Lotti and Blizard. Meezer's siamese also got gifts. After delivering treats to those pets they swung by Europe, Tineke's cats all got treats, Humphrey got a key to let himself back in if he ever got out again.

The CatAvenger stopped in Italy and delivered toys to the Principessa's ( Baffa's "mom") pets. We saw our old friend the great dog Asia all to briefly also Moosie, Favola a.k.a Bandita. The many other pets in Italy also received treats. Off the coast of Italy the ship (or actually the barge it was pulling ) ran into some problems. It hit a sandbar and stuck. Fortunately , a large group of cat's from Venice rowed out in Gondolas and towed them off the sandbar. After delivering presents to europe the ship swung by Israel to wish Little Woman's Sparky a happy Hanukkah they saw Domino too. We dropped of a big package marked; "Peace on earth good will towards man." Next the ship went back across the ocean to America and delivered presents to Gramma's cats, Buffy Honey and Snow, we saw Egbert's crew and Rambopuss then went by to see Barb's cats Kismet and Midnight. We also saw Fluffy, Mari, then Andyck's Zeke and Max. We gave presents to Mazzi's manx and bunnies. The ship stopped by Bazooka's family we saw Drago, lil' Zooks all the cats amd dogs and various Zooklings got presents. We swung by Mongo's cats place saw pig,and elephants and had treats for all the animals in the zoo. Next we headed west delivering presents across the U.S.A. The crew had to unload lots of presents to 29 cat's critters. We visited Got2greatcat's Apache and Cheyenne, Amy's bandoleer gang of black cats also received presents. We gave Rich and Barb's Mitzi a special hug and headed across the Pacific to ÁDee's Hausser.

"Why has the ship stopped? We should be in South Africa by now!" Topcat exclaimed. He went to look for Rudolph,the navigator. " No wonder we ran into that sandbar and have been zigzagging all over the world, " Topcat exclaimed upon seeing the reindeer passed out drunk on deck. He had got into the catnip and rum punch !

" It also explains why his nose is always so red." Spooky spoke. " Hey Panther whats that compass reading show? "

Panther looked up from the compass and sextant reading she had taken and shook her head sadly. "It shows we are in big trouble the sun just set in the north.

"Teh heh heh looks like you are lost! Need some kelp... er help?" it was their old friend ( ? ) the Sardine alongside the ship, I know where you are you are just west of Atlantis!"

" Thanks Sardine for trying but that really does'nt help." Topcat shook his head sadly. "No silly, the metal in Atlantis is interferring with the compass reading!" said the finny one. He pointed a fin in the direction of South Africa. "Thank you very much little fish, and happy holidays, here is a present for you, " Topcat said. He handed the fish a can of shark repellant. The happy little fish swam off ~~~><))*> "What a nice little fish," said Topcat. "Yes, glad we did'nt eat him." Spooky replied. "Ah, he is to little and boney anyway." Replied the ever practical Panther."