A great storm was blowing tossing the Catavenger about like a cork bobbing on the high seas. The ship was behaving uncharacteristically sluggish. I was in the ward room with Panther looking over the charts "Shel Cat Cay should be on this heading "Said,I, Shel for whom the Cay was named. "I sure hope so it's Halloween and I want to get the candy we have back at base" Said Panther.
"Panther to the bridge."
Said Topcat over the intercom. Captain Topcat was worried the ship was taken the water green over the bridge is wasn't running out of the scuppers fast enough and was over burdening the pumps- in lands mans terms the ship was sinking.
Poor Minty the monkey was up in the crows nest trying to spot land he was soaking wet from the rain. "land ho Starboard side." Captain Topcat cranking the wheel as the crew tacked the sail "Light, I see a light," Minty called down.

The powerful light shone down

Abruptly the rain stopped . And the clouds rolled back enough for the moon to shine through. Due ahead we could see a calm bay and beyond that a very bright light shining.

The haunted house

Topcat ordered the ship ran aground on the soft sands of of the beckoning beach. Once things were secure Topcat led a landing party up the beach and through the trees toward the light. Despite my protest I was brought along. Soon we saw the source of the light it came from the top floor of a big old house on top of a small hillock. As soon as we climbed the porch steps and approached the door the light went out.
Captain Topcat stretched up and knocked on the door.

"Trick or treat!" Yelled I.
"Stop that" Topcat hissed. Panther giggled.
The door creaked open as we stepped in. But nobody was there. Slowly we all entered into the dark house.
A light then came on dimly illuminating the stairs. Led by our Captain,we cautiously went up the steps toward the light.
We hadn't gone to far when we noticed that several of the crew members who were bringing up the rear had vanished. "Weapons ready, stay together Panther guard the rear!" Our valiant captain ordered but as we slowly went up the stairs despite these precautions several more of the crew vanished by the time we reached the top of the stairs only Topcat, Panther and I were left. As we entered the room at the end of the staircase the dim light went out. I fumbled for my flashlight and shown it around. Topcat and Panther had vanished!

Spooky- Spooky!


I turned around and saw a small black cat spectral and shimmering.
"Scared you didn't I?" The cat said. It was of course my own dear departed Spooky
"Well you did startle me but then again that was before I knew it was you, and as Topcat once said you never hurt me when you were alive so why should you now? I sure have missed you Spooky."
"It's not as if I haven't showed up on several occasions to save your bacon now Shel." the ghost cat replied; "And despite what people think the afterlife is not all sitting on clouds and playing a harp! I have actually been busy on a secret mission for - you know who - The creator of all things."

Winking at my look of surprise Spooky said, "Come on I have something to show you." we went through a door into a room lit by a single candle. "Amazing isn't it all the darkness in the world can't put out the light of a single candle, but that's not what I came to show you." She said pointing her paw at a clock on the wall. It was almost midnight. At the stroke of midnight as the clock struck. the candle went out, but seconds later hundreds more flickered into life all around the room. I looked and saw Spooky no longer ghostly but looking like she had when she before her death !

"Spooky!" I cried out, "you are alive!"

"No, not really but on this day it is permitted for those of us who have departed to take material form for a time" She said and rubbed up against my legs purring.

Beyond another door we heard music and laughter. "Come on," she called,"lets join the party ." We went through to the other room and there was Topcat, Panther and the crew along with many friends including those who had passed on. Now seemingly alive for this one special day of the year.

Sleeping cutie

We partied until dawn then all fell into a deep slumber. When we awoke it was high noon. Beds tables chairs and other items of furniture were scattered on the hilltop but as the awaking crew noticed the house itself was gone as were the spirits of the dearly departed including our own dear Spooky. Reluctantly we made out way back to the ship only to find it was in perfect repair and riding high in the water. We boarded it and as we sailed sailed off the whole island slowly faded out but just before it vanished I thought I saw a pair of green eyes, one of them winked at me.

The Good Witch

Remember Halloween is the evening before all hallows day or all Saints day as such it is or should be something good and holy not anything evil and scary besides witch ... er.. I mean besides which it is the birthday of someone very special to me.

I would like to thank Cat Stuff for the cat Halloween graphics:


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