Allen the Alien looked at the evidence the felines had presented. "They are called the Nomed. "We have been having a cold war with them for eons. We never directly confront them, but instead play cat and mouse with them, if you forgive the term." The Alien then gave them something that looked very much like a human's hand-grenade. he explained that the factories were making what we would call flying tanks of much destructive potential. The Nomed factories were virtually automated. The hand-grenade was indeed a powerful bomb. The Aliens showed the cats how to use the life form detector built into the bomb. The bomb was designed not to blow up if any animal life was in the area. They also showed the fearless felines how to disable the Nomed force field.

Commander Snowball

Commander Snowball said that he wanted to go alone at night. He was the youngest the fittest and the blackest. He took off in the dead of night on a dirt bike when he got near the the force he ditched it and went in on foot. Back on board ship Topcat, Panther and all of us waited. We kept on waiting and still he did not return. We were starting to get worried when the cloud from the explosion rose on the horizon.


Just then a strange looking craft appeared. "Hold your fire!" Topcat commanded.

The craft stopped, it was of course a flying tank. A hatch popped open and Snowball came out. "I got my dirt bike in the back how about a hand." For once I did not mind helping because I wanted to see the inside of the tank. Squashed in the back next to the bike was an ugly little man bound and gagged. "That is the reason I am late." Snowball said seeing me looking at the ugly dude. "This ...ugh...human registered as a life form, the bomb would not go off until I got him out of there." Snowball explained. "Think it's really Hitler?" Topcat reached over and pulled off the tape over the ugly ones mouth not only did the mustache come off but the whole head pulled off. It was not Hitler but a Nomed. The little figure was spitting and shrieking, until Panther cold cocked him laying him out flat. I wondered if maybe Hitler all along had been a Nomed alien, if so it would absolve us humans from a lot of blame.
First Captain Topcat told Winston Churchill that the mission had been accomplished then he dragged the Nomed to our Alien pals. "They sure are ugly not handsome like us!" Said the vain Alien. "So what do you wish for your reward? You have helped us greatly by defeating our enemies."
"Oh I don't think we need anything but I do wish that Winston Churchill has a reward. In his time he did much for the world."
"We agree thats why he shall live to be 95 we wanted to make it 100 but we are just creatures not the Creator! You impress me with your selflessness choose a reward dear feline." Allen the Alien said.

Captain Topcat responded "Oh, we don't need anything now how about a rain-check..."

Dynamic Duo

When we got back to our Commander Snowball was extremely angry that Topcat had not asked a reward of the Aliens.
Panther responded. "You don't seem to understand how these sappy Aliens think, Snow. The more goody-two shoes you act the more they want to give you. I am sure Topcat has something sneaky in mind and will get something for a reward. Is'nt that right?" She called over to Captain Topcat.
Topcat however did not respond he was too busy looking at something with Mr. Spott the ships engineer. Something he had neglected to mention to the Aliens. A fully operational battle ready flying tank!

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