Somewhere in Babylon shortly before midnight in a house off a dingy back alley in the old quarter of town were the regional headquarters of the other CIA, the Cat intelligence Agency. Despite not setting off the proximity alarms or even showing up on the monitor that displayed the door someone knocked on the door three times. The cat known only as the whistler was watching the monitor and saw a computer disk appear in f ront of the door. He said to his partner who sat beside him drinking catnip tea, "that camera and proximity monitor must be on the fritz again. I will go out the secret passage and check it if you will run a quit diagnostic on the security system. Don't worry I will be careful." He patted the Desert Eagle 50. caliber magnum holstered on his side. He carefully sniffed the disk for signs of danger running his whiskers over it then returned with the disk. The moggy then popped the computer disk in the laptop custom built for them by their friend at J. Eeva computer company. Looking at the information on the screen the cat softly whistled. It is a rare cat indeed who can whistle.
His duty partner said, "The diagnostic shows all systems normal. The disk can't be be from our regular snitch remember we were told that he was arrested by the secret police yesterday."
The catnip drinker looked at the screen and said, "we really have a jackpot with this information. We must have friends in high places. Let me get on the encrypted phone and contact the Catavenger and it's valiant crew."



Master at Arms Montreal admired the lines of the recently retrofitted brigantine Catavenger. As she walked along the deck until she found the cat's butler Shel. "It will be dark soon. You have the watch." Monty said to him. "I know you were busy today and are tired but your name is on the duty roster. Ensign Spike will relieve you"


A few minutes later several leagues from the brigantine was a submarine the valiant cats had captured from the Russians years before. The Commander of it was the black cat Saskatoon. It wasn't long before something showed up on the sonar. It was Lilith rising from the water on the back of a leviathan. Sassy hit a key sending a short signal to the Catavenger.
Shel heard a call. "Help help I am drowning." He quickly threw a life preserver tied to a line down to her and hauled her up on deck. He saw a wet but quite attractive woman. He started to hit the intercom button to summon help. "But you mustn't," she said, "I want only you."
"Musn't I now?" He asked, then answered his own question. "But I will." He hit he button and million candle power flood lights shown down.
"Busted," Commander Calgary called out. Then Master at Arms Montreal stepped out from behind a bulk head and shot the false woman in the knee cap with her Israeli Tavor rifle. Simultaneously Commodore Toronto and engineer Spott popped out of hatches on port and starboard.
Toronto said, "displeased to meet you I think I know your name. It's not puzzling me at all about the nature of your game."
"You dinna' ha'f to cripple the beastie. You damaged the machinery." Spott said as he disabled the android Lilith was inhabiting. With no place left to go the demon went back to the infernal regions.
Shel had not know ahead of time that the catcrew had been tipped by the (other) CIA and that they in turn had been tipped by even higher sources. "You didn't really think I would betray you?" Shel asked. "Why she looked pretty but she smelled of brimstone."

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