Fox Tale: The crew gets a little help from our friends

Pinnace A small vessel of about 20 tons dating from the 16th century, with two masts normally square-rigged on both but occasionally with a lugsail on the main.

With the windfall they had gained Captain Topcat and Panther decided to take Mr. Spott's advice and have their ship the Catavenger's coal powered auxiliary engines replaced with turbo diesels. "Nothing beats the wind but I suppose us pirate cats need every edge we can get," Topcat said.
They attached the pinnace to the Catavenger with a golden line. Gold and silver have an affinity with the Catavenger and whatever is attached to it with gold or silver While this was being done the crew took a well deserved shore leave. While I the cats servant. Shel, went to our secret hideaway on the mysterious isle of Cat Cay. After a few weeks all the repairs and retrofits were done all the crew (except I , Shel) had the ship. Engineer Spott who was supervising the repair told Topcat that they had a few hours more before the ship was completely ready. "It's taking longer than I thought so all the lads and lasses of the crew are having a wee dram. I've left a few to watch the ship but I am headed to the pub me'self, won't ye join us?" MR. Spott ask.
Since - however - it was a lovely day Topcat and Panther, with ensign Spike at the helm took the pinnace Ms Kitty around to secluded cove to have a picnic. Top and Panther went ashore loaded with food while. Ensign Spike stayed aboard.

After their picnic feast Topcat dozed in the shade of a large elm while Panther kept watch. Soon Panthers psycat ability kicked in and her eyes began to glow she had sensed danger! Before Panther could rouse Topcat he was awakened by the sound of horns and barking dogs. As Topcat leaped up drawing his sword a small gray fox - actually a vixen the female of the species - came running towards them.
"Help she cried hunters are after me!" The Captain and Panther swords drawn prepared to meet the onslaught.

The unspeakable in pursuit of the inedible" - Oscar Wilde

A large pack of hounds followed by red coated hunters on horseback burst in the clearing following the hapless fox. With one hand on his sword Topcat keyed his mobile phone. Kaboom !!! Over head a cannon ball sailed in to pack. Quick thinking Spike had had reacted to Topcat's signal and fired the pinnace's swivel gun. The cannon had been filled with some of the delicious ships biscuit Both the hounds and the horses had stopped to eat this leaving the riders helpless. Thus the trio of fox and cats made their way to the pinnace and escaped. On board the pinnace the fox introduced herself to them. "My name is Pixie" she said." Thank you for saving me from those nasty people!"

some of the crew : left to right- Ensign Spike, Paul the rat, Violet the purple dog and Rose the skunk.

Before they had sailed back the radio came on, it was Violet the dog she told them that the crew who had gone to the Tavern go drunk and captured by the Gendarmes. They had recognized some of the crew as outlaws. She had been able to escape and had returned to the ship. She was there now. along with the crew who had stayed aboard to guard it. Not that it really needed to be guarded. The Brigantine as those of you who have read the previous stories know has a life of its on and refused to let itself be boarded. In frustration the Gendarmes had surrounded it with armed guards.

"I shall return!" - Captain Topcat
Topcat was quite angry at this news. They sailed the pinnace back to the Catavenger. Despite being surrounded by it was able to break out and rendezvous with the pinnace. Once more they attached the Catavenger to the pinnace with a golden line.
"Looks like it is up to the few of us. now and there are hundreds of enemy ships in these waters. That's to much even for the powers of the Catavenger." Captain Toronto said.
"Don't forgot Shel, he is back at the island at least we have a cook," Panther replied. "Take the helm, Panther sail east. I have an idea for a plan, but I must first do something of great importance." Topcat said and with that he curled up and took a nap

In the dead of night they landed the on the isle of Jersey. They dug up the treasure Rambopuss had left for them and sailed off with it.